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Dental Crowns & Bridges Treatment in Vadodara Dental crown in vadodaraDental bridge in vadodara

Dental Crowns are a tooth-shaped cap which is placed on the tooth to restore the shape, size, and appearance of the tooth. It also enhances the strength of the tooth. If the major part of the tooth is missing, then the crown is the best solution for it. By placing the crown, a tooth can function normally again.


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  • Protect or restore a tooth due to an accident or trauma
  • Replace a tooth which is too large for a filling
  • Get a cap over Implant placed
  • Restore the tooth on which we performed RCT
  • Cover discolored, misshaped or badly formed tooth
  • Require a bridge. In that case, crowns are a must.

Myths about dental crowns

Dental Crowns carry a lot of myths with them a few of them are:

Dental Crowns Do Not Look Natural

There is a misconception that dental crowns do not match with your teeth hence give the impression of an artificial tooth. However, with changes in technology, crowns come in various materials which looks exactly like your natural teeth. They choose metal crowns as molars because they are good and viable options and remain unseen.

Crowns Last Forever

Though the crowns are now stronger and have longevity, yet they cannot last a lifetime. It also depends on how well they take care of them. To ensure they last longer visit your dentist after every 6 months, your dentist will monitor your crown and will replace it timely.

Food And Beverage Stains The Crown

The biggest myth that people carry. They believe that food and beverages can stain their teeth with time but in reality, we made the crowns of porcelain and ceramic which do not stain easily.

Only Used For Restorative Dentistry

People believe that one gets a crown only if they have fractured tooth, have undergone root canal treatment or have broken or chipped a tooth. But the truth is they are used in cosmetic dentistry as a way to enhance the appearance and to have a whiter and beautiful smile.

Dental Crowns Do Not Break Or Chip

Though ceramic and porcelain are harder substances yet if you bite on something extremely hard, or face accident or trauma then your crown may break.

You Cannot Get Cavity With Crowns

Because crown covers your tooth, therefore, they become vulnerable to decay. Though crowns, as they are artificial, have no chances of decay, yet the part below them can decay. It is, therefore, required to keep your teeth and the area around clean to prevent a cavity.

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What Is The Cost Of Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns in Vadodara may be more expensive than fillings, but they have the advantage of actually lasting longer as well. At Aries Orofacial Dental, we ensure that our patients always get the best quality and value for their money.

What Is The Cost Of Dental Crowns?

Dental Crowns in Vadodara may be more expensive than fillings, but they have the advantage of actually lasting longer as well. At Aries Orofacial Dental, we ensure that our patients always get the best quality and value for their money.

How Long Does A Dental Crown Last?

Depending on several factors that include the case specifics, material, and compliance to oral hygiene routines, dental crowns may last anywhere between 5 to 15 years. We advise our patients to maintain their oral hygiene after implantation of dental crown.

Do Dental Crowns Hurt?

Before the procedure, dentists administer a local anaesthetic. Therefore getting dental crowns may not hurt. However, once the anaesthetic wears off, feeling soreness and sensitivity in the gums is usual, and it usually goes away in a few days.

Do One Needs A Dental Crown After RCT?

Root Canal Treatment means that the pulp inside the tooth will be cleared out. Therefore to provide strength after filling up the cavity, crowns are usually used. Adding a crown to the tooth after RCT is a must.

Dental Bridge Treatment Dental bridge in Bhayli

Why Dental Bridge is needed ?

If you have missing teeth, including front teeth, a dental bridge can help restore the look and function of your teeth. It bridges the gap where the missing tooth is. A bridge is typically made of crowns on either side of the missing tooth or teeth supporting the pontic (false tooth) and is cemented in place.

If a tooth is missing, nearby teeth can move into the empty space. The teeth in your opposite jaw can also move up or down toward the space. This can cause:

  • Bite problems
  • Chewing difficulties
  • Pain from the extra stress on your teeth and jaw
  • Self-consciousness about the way you look or your smile
  • Who needs a dental bridge?

    Dental bridges can help if you have a missing tooth or teeth. The most common causes of missing teeth are tooth decay, gum disease and injury. Or you may have been born with missing teeth due to a congenital condition. To get a dental bridge, you need healthy teeth on either side of the missing ones.

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What are the different types of crowns?

Types of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are very versatile, making them one of the more popular options for smile makeovers. A few examples of how dental crowns are used to make a smile over include closing gaps between teeth, covering up major tooth stains and restoring damaged teeth so they can once again function properly.

In addition, Dental Crown gives your tooth the strength, shape, size and help to improve the appearance of your tooth. If your dentist has advised, you to get a crown and you are delaying the process then there are chances that you can damage your tooth to the extent that extraction is the last resort.Moreover, not getting a dental crown can wear down other adjacent teeth causing damage.

The main types of crowns used in dentistry include:

1. Gold Crown
2. All Porcelain Crowns
3. Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns (PFM)
4. Zirconia Crowns
5. E- MAX: Lithium Disilicate Crowns

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Gold Crown

Gold crowns are in fact a combination of copper and other metals, such as nickel or chromium. The main advantage of gold crowns is their strength and durability.
For back restorations -and depending on each patient’s needs- some dentists may suggest a gold crown as the preferred option. However, gold crowns don’t make a very popular choice today due to their color and aesthetics.

All Porcelain / Ceramic Crowns

This is definitely the most popular type of crown used nowadays. They are entirely made of porcelain material.
All-porcelain or all-ceramic dental crowns provide the best natural color match when compared to any other crown type. This fact makes this type of crown one that many makeover patients are choosing, especially when they are in need of crowns for their front teeth. Because this type of dental crown does not include any metal, it is also a good option for dental patients who have allergies to metal.

PFM Crown

Porcelain Fused-to-Metal Crowns (PFM)

Porcelain fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns are another widely used type of dental crowns. They provide both strength (due to their metal structure) and aesthetics (due to the porcelain coat that covers the cap).
While metal crowns are considered to be the strongest type of crown, they can easily be seen when placed in the mouth. This makes porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns a great option, as while they still use metal for strength reasons, they are also made using porcelain, which is much more natural-looking.

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconium is a relatively new material that combines the strength of metal with the aesthetics of porcelain crowns. High translucent zirconia and layered zirconia crowns have become a more popular choice lately.
Owing to its mechanical characteristics, it is suitable for placement in front as well as in back regions. Ceramics is placed onto a white cap, enabling translucency and light refraction of a natural tooth. It ensures a spitting image of a natural tooth and guarantees a bright smile.
BruxZir, LAVA, CEREC, Zirconia PFZ and Dentcare Zirconia is widely used in India as well as globe.

Emax Crown

E- MAX: Lithium Disilicate Crowns

The newest type of crown in dentistry today is known as E -Max. It is a type of all-ceramic crown made of lithium disilicate (which is also light and thin).
It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options, porcelain can be layered on it, creating incredible translucency and a very realistic looking tooth that matches with other natural teeth. In E.MAX porcelain veneers / DMLS Crown cutting and shrinking is not done in the teeth. Thinning is done up to a maximum of 1,5 millimeters. Therefore, it is a treatment done without any harm to healthy and natural teeth.

DMLS and CAD/CAM crowns offer exceptional precision and accuracy in fit and function. This ensures that your crown will fit comfortably and seamlessly with your existing teeth.


DIRECT METAL LASER SINTERING (DMLS) is latest technology for manufacturing dental crown and bridges. This system uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) data to fabricate the desired frame by selectively sintering the alloy powder layer by layer. This machine uses special based alloy, which is highly bio-compatible. It offers a high tensile strength of 1350mpa and has an excellent bonding strength. DMLS PFM is a PFM material with 10 years warranty. DMLS is a manufacturing process for producing complex 3D components directly from 3D CAD data without using any machining.

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Best Dentist or Dental Clinic near me in Bhayli-Vadodara, Gujarat

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Best Dental Clinic and Dental Implant Centre in Bhayli-Vadodara, Gujarat

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Top & Affordable Dentist in Bhayli-Vadodara, Gujarat

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Get Your Dental Problems Treated at Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic

Get Your Dental Problems Treated at Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic

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