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Expert Dentures Services in Vasna Road, Vadodara - Close-up photograph of pink acrylic dentures with white teeth. Our skilled dental professionals in Vasna Road, Vadodara provide top-quality denture services with state-of-the-art equipment, giving you a comfortable and natural-looking smile.

Complete Or Full / Digital Denture:

Denture used if there are not any teeth left for support. That covers more of the jaw than a partial denture and is partly held in place by a natural vacuum in the mouth. Using an extremely hard resin tooth on a very strong acrylic base.

They are very natural in appearance due to the many layers of different color resin used to make each individual tooth and have excellent stain resistance. Normally, this quality of denture would need to be replaced because of your gums changing shape rather than the teeth wearing down.

Dentures comprise both upper and lower sets and are removable that can replace missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, full dentures can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.


The Dentist Or Prosthodontist constructs dentures to replace the missing teeth. They are also called false teeth and get support from the surrounding hard/soft tissues of the oral cavity.



  • The esthetics of the digital dentures are higher than compared to conventional dentures
  • Digital dentures to capture the impression, bite registration, and vertical dimension in a single patient visit
  • The 3D rendering of the denture serves as a permanent digital record
  • The manufacturer of the digital denture system can relieve the dental laboratory of the burden of creating the denture

Denture material Available At Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic

Supreme Plastic Set e.g. Travelon

Premier Resin Set e.g. Luciton 199

Unbreakable Set , e.g. Dentcare

Injection Moulding Systems e.g. BPS Denture

Bre crystal Denture (Bredent Germany) 

Aries Orofacial Dental Clinic in Vadodara , offers a range of denture options. Our experienced team works closely with patients to create customized sets that fit comfortably and provide the functionality and aesthetic appearance they desire. 

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