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Dentures are removable appliances which are used as a replacement of missing teeth and tissues. They are the artificial teeth which enable normal functioning of human mouth. Dentures are of two types – Complete & Partial. Complete dentures are advised when all the teeth are missing, and partial dentures are applied when some natural teeth are missing. They are custom made especially for a set of teeth and gum line. Complete Dentures fit over the upper teeth and roof and on the lower teeth placed like a horseshoe. They are conventional dentures and are removed during the night for cleaning. Partial Dentures consists of replaced missing teeth attached to artificial gum connected by a metal framework which helps to hold the denture in place. Missing teeth can change the position of other teeth hence partial denture help to overcome this problem and keep the teeth intact.

Dentures are made of porcelain and acrylic resin.Porcelain dentures look more natural and match easily with the remaining teeth. But porcelain, if dropped, will break easily and can wear down the remaining teeth hence, are better used as complete dentures rather than partial.Acrylic resin dentures, on the other hand, are light in weight and easy to adjust. They fit properly and make the jaw movement smoother.

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What is the procedure involved in placing dentures?

  • Step 1 - The prosthodontist will first take the impressions of your jaw to analyze how well they relate to one another and whether they have spaces in between them. Prosthodentist in Vasant Vihar
  • Step 2 - A wax model is then prepared to check the fitting.
  • Step 3 - Final Denture is made with the wax model
  • Step 4 - The patient is made to try the final set of dentures and if necessary adjustments will be made

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Why is it Important To Remove Dentures At Night?

In order to allow gums and bones to relax at night time, removing denture is advised by dentists. Removing bottom or top dentures also allow the gum to come in contact with saliva considered good for the oral health of an individual. Get all the necessary information about dentures at your nearest Clove Dental clinic.

Can One Sleep With Dentures On?

Yes, one can sleep with dentures on. But, for best results and good oral health, it is advised by dentists to remove dentures before sleeping to give space for bones and gums to relax. Since dentures cost a good sum of money, taking good care of them is important.

Do Dentures Hurt?

No, dentures do not hurt at all. It is only at the beginning that patients may feel a little discomfort or uneasiness as they are not used to custom dentures in the mouth.

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Types of Dentures

There are several ways to replace your missing teeth. A prosthodontist / Implantologist dentist will be able to recommend the best option for you, whether it’s a denture, bridge, or implant. If your dentist does recommend dentures, there are several types of dentures on the market—each made from different materials and serving different purposes. That’s why it’s important to understand what the benefits of the different types are when deciding on the best type for you. Here’s a look at some of the options:

Removable Dentures They are generally complete dentures that replace your whole set of upper or lower teeth.These are the types of traditional dentures you may picture inside a glass of water on your night table. Removable dentures need to be cleaned at night in water or with denture cleansers to avoid drying out.As a patient, you may need some time to get used to your removable dentures, when speaking, chewing or smiling.
Fixed Dentures They are typically made on an acrylic base that resembles your natural gums. They cover your jaw and the artificial teeth fit over your gums.With the advance of implant treatments in dentistry, fixed dentures have become a solution to avoid the discomfort of removable dentures coming out of your mouth, or the use of adhesives to keep the denture in place. Fixed dentures can be fitted by implant support treatments such as All-On-4®, or by a fixed implant reconstruction with dental crowns.

  • Removale Dentures :
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Temporary dentures
  • Fixed bridge
  • Fixed Dentures :
  • Fixed bridge
  • Implants
  • Implant-supported fixed dentures
  • Snap-on dentures
Expert Dentures Services in Vasna Road, Vadodara - Close-up photograph of pink acrylic dentures with white teeth. Our skilled dental professionals in Vasna Road, Vadodara provide top-quality denture services with state-of-the-art equipment, giving you a comfortable and natural-looking smile.

Full dentures

Full dentures, or complete dentures, consist of both upper and lower sets and are removable that can be used to replace missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, full dentures can last anywhere from 5–10 years.

Removable Partial Dentures

Partial dentures

Upper and/or lower partial dentures are designed to fill the gap created by missing teeth. Partials can be unclipped and removed when needed, helping you feel more confident if you’re missing a small number of teeth.

Temporary Dentures

Temporary dentures

Temporary dentures—also called immediate dentures—are dentures that can be fitted right after your teeth have been removed. They are an option to help you carry on as normal while waiting for your new permanent dentures to be fitted.

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures

Flexible dentures are a kind of partial denture, but they are made of different materials from ordinary partial dentures. Flexible dentures do not use any metal parts so they tend to look and feel a lot more natural.

Fixed Bridge Denture

Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge is used to replace missing teeth by surgically cementing an artificial tooth, known as a crown, to the remaining natural teeth on each side.

Implant Dentures


Dental implants mimic the roots of your teeth. They are surgically placed into the bone and fuse with it over time for a natural fit. The implants are then “loaded” with a prosthetic, either immediately after surgery or within 6 months.

Implant-supported fixed dentures

Implant-supported fixed dentures feature a crown that is secured to surgically inserted implants in your jawbone. It is then fixed in place with screws.

Snap-on dentures

Snap-on dentures are removable crowns that snap on and off of surgically inserted implants in your jawbone. They fasten securely so you can chew the foods you love without worrying about your dentures coming loose.

different types of materials

What materials are Dentures made of?

Today, different types of materials can be used to replace your lost teeth, and give you back a natural looking smile.

There are mainly three different materials are used in complete or partial dentures, including:

  • 1. Acrylic Resin Dentures
  • 2. Porcelain Dentures
  • 3. Metal Dentures
  • 4. Other Flexible Materials
Fixed Bridge Denture

Acrylic resin dentures

Acrylic resin dentures are pink colored in order to resemble the gum. Teeth are resin colored to resemble that of natural teeth. It is Less expensive than porcelain dentures, lighter and easier to adjust. But, may wear down more quickly than porcelain and thus durability is shorter. Replacement be done between 5-8 years.

Implant Dentures

Porcelain Dentures

Porcelain is harder than acrylic. This makes dentures more durable.Also, porcelain dentures provide excellent aesthetics since the replacement teeth look a lot more like natural teeth. This material is better for bearing the daily wearing of teeth while we talk, chew or bite. They are Durability and Aesthetics. They are more costly and prone to breaking due to accidents.

Metal dentures

Metal dentures mean that the clasps of the dentures, or the palate layer of the denture is made of metal. Usually cobalt chrome is used for metal dentures. Metal dentures are also known as permanent dentures because they are typically made only after gums and teeth has fully healed.Durability and long lasting nature. Poorer aesthetics since the metal color can be easily noticed.

Other Flexible Materials

Materials including polycarbonates and polypropylene are used for making dentures. These flexible materials make dentures more adaptable to your mouth and this means more comfort to the patient.It is more comfortable than other types of dentures. But, Flexible materials can be more likely to build up bacteria in or around the prosthesis.

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How to take care of the dentures?

Since these are artificial and removable, therefore, it becomes extremely important to handle them with care. If you want your dentures to have a longer life, the following tips should be taken into consideration:

Keep Your Dentures Clean

Always ensure that your dentures are clean for this you need to brush your dentures with a non-abrasive brush at least once a day. Though they are artificial, yet plaque and bacteria can build up on the teeth causing damage to other teeth and gums. If possible remove your dentures after every meal and wash it with warm water but if you have complete dentures, then mere brushing would do.

Overnight Protection

Soak your dentures at night in water or in the denture solution as prescribed by your dentist. So that your dentures do not weaken avoid chlorine with it. While putting dentures on in the morning make sure you rinse them with clean water as this will help to remove the chemicals if any during the soaking process.

Keep A Look At Your Dentures

Monitor your dentures time to time and visit your dentist if your dentures loosen, slip or you come across a change in the bite. Having ill-fitting dentures can cause infections and irritations.



  • Soak your dentures overnight in water or solution given by your dentist
  • Rinse your dentures before putting them on in the morning
  • Brush daily with soft bristles with tooth paste as prescribed by your dentist
  • Do take care of your mouth, gums, and tongue


  • Do not try and bite hard food with front Dentures
  • Do not be abrasive while brushing
  • Do not use a toothpick or pointed objects on Dentures
  • Do not drop them as they are delicate and may break if you do so
  • If they loosen, do not try to fix it on your own instead visit a dentist

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