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Overdentures Treatment

An Overdenture Treatment is a dental prosthetic that eliminates the problems associated with traditional dentures. Dentures frequently slip during speaking or loosen while laughing or sneezing.

Dental implants support an denture, keeping the prosthesis stable and in place. This allows you to eat, laugh, and smile without the denture moving around.Ultimately, overdentures can improve your quality of life and your oral health. They can prevent bone loss and support nutritional needs more readily than traditional dentures.

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Procedure of Overdenture

  • 1. Consultation - Your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination and review your medical and dental history. They may take photographs, impressions, and 3-D Cone Beam radiographs to determine your bone height and whether you need additional procedures.

  • 2. Implant Placement - Your dentist will numb you with a local anesthetic. They may use a 3-D surgical guide to determine where to place the implants. They will screw multiple titanium implants into your jawbone. Once the placement is complete, they will stitch you up to help you heal.

  • 3. Healing Process - You need to heal for three to six months before your implants can be exposed. It takes time for the implants to integrate with your jawbone.

  • 4. Healing Cap - Once you are healed, your dentist will expose the implants. They will place a healing cap to guide the soft tissue healing process. 

  • 5. Impression - Your dentist will scan or take an impression of your implants and mouth and measurements of your mouth. They will send the impressions to the lab to create the denture framework and artificial teeth. This process can take several appointments.

  • 6. Insertion - Once the overdenture is made, your dentist will let you try it and make any necessary modifications.  If your overdenture fits well, your dentist will secure it in place. You’ll receive post-care instructions on how to take care of your new prosthetic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you sleep with Overdentures?

Removable denture implants, or overdentures, are dental appliances that attach to small implants in your gums. They are sometimes referred to as snap-on dentures as they “snap-on” to the implants in your mouth and are easily removable for eating, cleaning, and sleeping.

Can Dental Implants Help Improve Nutrition and Mastication (Chewing)?

The short answer is…YES! Evidence suggests that patients with two-implant overdentures rate their quality of life and their oral health as higher than people with conventional dentures. No more lose dentures and embarrassing moments eating or speaking in public. Data suggests that when patients have a simpler form of dentures, they are able to modify their diets and improve their nutrition, which in turn can positively impact their overall general health.

What are Dentures and Overdentures?

When some or all of a person’s teeth are missing, the treatment option to replace multiple teeth is called overdentures. When your overdentures are retained by your implants it has a more secure and comfortable fit and doesn’t rely on adhesives to stay in place.

Who needs Overdentures ?

Those who need dentures often have all their top or bottom teeth missing or pulled. Those who recently lost their teeth and still have healthy bone amounts in their jaws are the best candidates for implant-supported overdentures. The less time that passes after losing your teeth, the greater the chances you will have enough bone to hold the supporting implants for overdentures.Even people who have worn traditional dentures might qualify for overdentures, depending on the dentist’s recommendation. If you already wear dentures and want to switch to an implant-supported overdenture, you need to discuss this option with your Prosthodontist. Depending on how long you’ve worn dentures, you may need bone supplementation in your jaw to support the implants.

Types of Overdentures

Overdentures can be fixed in place or removable depending on your needs and budget.Both types feel more comfortable and look more natural than a regular denture.

1. Implant-Supported Overdentures

Implant-supported overdentures use Two to Four implants that are screwed into the jawbone. They help retain your existing bone to prevent further deterioration.An implant-supported overdenture typically requires two surgical procedures. The first consists of placing the implant into the jawbone, and the second uncovers it so a custom prosthetic can be fabricated.This overdenture can be removed when it's time to sleep or clean it.

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2. Fixed Implant-Supported Overdentures

A fixed implant-supported overdenture is locked in place with screws and cannot be removed. You would need your prosthodontist or implantologist to unscrew the prosthetic to remove it.
This type of overdenture is the most stable. However, cleaning is challenging because only a dentist can remove it.It is typically the most expensive option as it needs four dental implants and screws to support them.

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3. Bar-Retained Implant-Supported Overdentures

A bar-retained implant-supported overdenture has a bar attached to the implants that the denture can clip onto. The bar allows you to remove and insert the overdenture as needed while offering more security than a conventional denture.Most people will only remove the overdenture to clean it or sleep.

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4. Ball-Retained Implant-Supported Overdentures

A ball-retained overdenture uses ball-shaped supports to connect the implants to the denture. It provides higher stability and functionality than a traditional denture.Ball attachments make it easier to clean and replace parts if necessary.

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5. Overdenture Partials

If you’re missing only a few teeth, you might need a partial denture. An overdenture partial does exactly what a complete implant-supported denture does. It replaces tooth roots with one or more implants so the partial can clip onto them.A partial overdenture gives a more natural appearance than a traditional partial denture.

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Get Your Dental Problems Treated at Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic

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