The Era of Esthetics: Midline Gap Treatment Vadodara 


What is Midline Diastema: Midline Gap Treatment Vadodara 

Midline diastema is a malocclusion that affects the upper or lower front teeth. It is a gap present between the teeth that is mainly an aesthetic concern and hampers social life. We know the transient midline diastema in teens as the ugly duckling stage. The ugly duckling stage is a self-correcting malocclusion, but the other kinds of midline diastema need proper dental intervention.

In this information, we will briefly discuss the causes, diagnosis, and treatment of midline diastema- brought to you by Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic.

Causes of midline diastema: 

  • Enlarged frenum attachment

High frenum attachment causing midline diastema

diastema due to missing teeth
mesoderm causing diastema

Diagnosis of midline diastema

Our experts make the diagnosis of midline diastema at Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic after carefully examining the current dental status. A few diagnostic tests that will help our experts make the customized treatment plan are:

Blanch test

This test is used to detect high frenal attachment. They pull the lips outward clinically to check if there is whitening or blanching of the area at the backside between the two front teeth.

Check for habits

The habits like tongue thrusting and thumb sucking are common causes of midline diastema. It is important to take the correct case history and perform appropriate clinical tests to rule out these habits.

Radiographic test

The radiographic analysis also plays a key role in determining the cause of midline diastema. The X-rays rule out conditions like the presence of an extra tooth or an affected tooth, which may cause midline diastema.

Midline Gap Treatment Vadodara 

Cosmetic treatments for diastema

If your teeth are healthy and you simply wish to close the gap between your teeth, there are several cosmetic dental treatments available, including:

Dental bonding. Your dentist applies a tooth-colored composite resin material to conceal the gap. Then, your teeth are shaped and polished for a natural appearance.

Porcelain veneers. These are custom-made ceramic shells that permanently adhere to your front tooth surfaces. They can close down a gap between the teeth for a more uniform look.

Braces. If the gap is large, you may need braces or clear orthodontic aligners to physically move your teeth closer together. (In mild cases, your dentist can usually fix diastema without braces.)

FrenectomyAn oral frenum is a band of tissue that connects your lip to your gums. If this piece of tissue is too thick, it can push your teeth apart, creating a gap. A frenectomy releases this band of tissue. In many cases, we perform frenectomy in combination with another cosmetic procedure, such as dental bonding or veneers.

Dental bridgeIf the gap between your teeth is due to a missing tooth, your dentist may recommend a bridge to replace it. To place a bridge, you must have two healthy teeth on either side of the gap. We will alter these teeth to serve as anchors for your new restoration.

Dental implant. Like a dental bridge, an implant replaces a missing tooth. But with a dental implant, there’s no need to alter the neighboring teeth. An implant is a threaded titanium post that replaces a missing tooth root. Once it’s healed, a dental crown is used to restore it and close the gap between your teeth.

Gum disease treatments for diastema

If diastema is the result of gum disease, then you’ll need periodontal treatment first to get rid of harmful bacteria. Once the infection is under control, you can choose to address the gap between your teeth with one of the cosmetic treatments listed above.

Common gum treatments include:

  • Scaling and root planning. If you have mild gum disease, your dentist may recommend scaling and root planning — a deep dental cleaning. It’s similar to regular cleaning, but you’ll be numb so your provider can reach bacteria that are hiding deep under your gums.
  • Gingival flap surgery. If you have moderate to advanced gum disease, you may need gum surgery. During this procedure, your periodontist creates an incision along your gum line, then temporarily moves your gums back so they can see your teeth roots. 
  • After thoroughly cleaning your teeth roots, we reposition your gums and suture them back into place. If you have bone loss around a tooth, your surgeon may also place a dental bone graft to help regenerate bone tissue in that area.


-All the above-mentioned examples of Gap/ Diastema in teeth can be beautifully & flawlessly corrected at Aries Oro-Facial Dental Clinic , Vadodara by our experienced Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist Surgeon.

-We have a positive track record for the correction of such problems.


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