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Smile design and dental veneers in Vadodara

Smiles, they say, define beauty and can make an average-looking person look attractive. It indeed is the most beautiful curve in the world. A perfect smile design treatment helps you to leave the best impression wherever you go.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a perfect smile. Have you ever felt embarrassed about how you look when you smile?

If you are not confident about your smile or want to change the appearance of your teeth or jawline, then all you need is a smile design treatment where you can design your smile.

Smile design and dental veneer in dentistry aim at creating natural-looking smiles. A well-trained professional will look at the hard or soft tissues of your mouth. Then he will suggest a couple of adjustments that can provide tremendous aesthetic improvements.

Types of smile designs:

A Prosthodontist can correct several attributes of a tooth. We highly recommended certain implants under smile design treatment.

Enamel shaping

We shape teeth to remove irregularities and to get the desired look. Many times, braces need to be worn for a stipulated time.

Chipped or missing teeth

We can repair broken or chipped teeth using treatments like Zirconia (Bruxer, Emax, or DMLS) crowns, etc.

Gummy smile

Laser gum Treatment can rectify your gummy smile. Oral prophylaxis and professional teeth whitening are excellent treatments for stained teeth.

Fuller lips, cheeks, and smile

Smile design treatment can improve aged or unshapely faces. Certain procedures like orthodontics and oral maxillofacial surgery are useful to get fuller lips and smiles.

Tooth texture and characterization

To make teeth look more masculine or feminine, dentists can recommend characterizing them with Dental veneers or crowns.

Porcelain veneering

Porcelain is a light and durable material that is good for dental makeovers.

Smile line makeover

The smile line runs from each side of the nose to the corner of the mouth. You can get a perfect smile line makeover with smile designing.

Benefits of smile designing:

With proper treatment, you can see your smile transform before your eyes. Smile designing treatment involves various benefits.

You can get high satisfaction with your new smile.

The multidisciplinary approach preserves your health and hygiene.

You can get truly customized results.

The entire process of this treatment enhances your self-confidence.

It gives you greater control over the outcome of your cosmetic treatment.

The treatment ensures better oral health.

Treatment involved in smile designing:
A Smile Designer may suggest proper treatment for shaping, sculpting, and making your smile more enhanced. A cosmetic treatment plan consists of several restorative methods which include:

Tooth-colored fillings dental Filling

Dentists will use natural-colored materials to fill up the space caused by cavities. The materials good for filling space are resins, lab-made porcelain inlays, and outlays.

Tooth whitening

Our teeth can get stained because of drinking coffee, alcohol, or smoking. We do teeth whitening in two ways: either in office bleach or through laser treatment. The process will restore the color of your teeth and make them shine.


This method is excellent for fixing crowded and crooked teeth. Braces are safe to use and long-lasting. Your teeth will see a difference in appearance, before and after the braces.


Crowns are a good option when your tooth requires more dramatic change. It is useful when teeth appear crowded, uneven, or too long.

Gum depigmentation

Some people have brown, dark gums. The reason behind the darkness in the gum is melanin pigmentation. But with the latest technologies, we can remove dark pigmentation using laser treatment.

Procedure to follow

The procedure involved in smile designing is simple.

First, the Prosthodontist will consider tooth re-contouring to even out the smile. He may replace old crowns with the new type of full porcelain crowns.

In most cases, the Prosthodontist will take an impression of the patient’s teeth and set models. Later, he will perform the changes on the models in wax. Then he will discuss the reluctant changes made.

To change the contour or shade of the teeth, he may suggest porcelain veneers. After that, he will look at the required changes to get a balanced, symmetrical appearance.

When the teeth get decayed, the dentist suggests implants. A dental implant procedure is a better choice for further dental treatment.

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