Gum Disease

Midline Gap

The Era of Esthetics: Midline Gap Treatment Vadodara What is Midline Diastema: Midline Gap Treatment Vadodara Midline diastema is a malocclusion that affects the upper or lower front teeth. It is a gap present between the teeth that is mainly an aesthetic concern and hampers social life. We know the transient midline diastema in teens […]

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“How oral health affects overall health: the importance of good hygiene”

I. Introduction Oral health is a crucial aspect of overall health, yet it is often overlooked. Good oral hygiene plays a vital role in preventing various health problems, ┬áincluding gum disease, tooth decay, and malnutrition. This article will explore the relationship between oral health and overall health, highlighting the importance of good oral hygiene. Ii. […]

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